Today we are here to talk about one of our most popular and favorite products. That is the 30ft Aluminum Flagpole – Internal Halyard. As the internal halyard design and make is becoming more popular we are giving you the best option you can ask for. With our m-winch system this pole provides more security, an easier process for raising and lowering your flags, and is a sleeker and more modern design, these are only a few of the great specifications.

If you are looking to install this flagpole in your backyard, outside of a 1-2 story building, or any residential area, this would be a great purchase from you. To go along with this incredible product, you get a free 5’ x 8’ Nylon Flag as well as FREE shipping. This deal is so hard to pass up especially with our best accessory being discounted by $65. What I am referring to is our top-of-the-line Commercial Grade Solar Flagpole Light. Don’t just listen to me talk about it, listen to one of our many pleased customers. 

Flagpole lit up at nightFlagpole lit up at night in Oregon

Bill D from the beautiful state of Oregon, has purchased the 30ft flagpole with the solar flagpole light, and has had nothing but smiles when being able to see his flag flying high in the sky all day and night. Bill stated “I’ve been impressed, especially given our overcast and rainy weather. This light appears to be charging and illuminating beautifully.” Even with the rainy weather that comes from the Pacific Northwest, Bill had no complaints about his purchase.

Make sure to check it out before it’s too late!


  • Hayden S


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