Hello to everyone and happy end of 2020! As we are getting ready to start off the new year with all of our new year’s resolutions and putting 2020, we at Liberty wish everyone a happy and healthy start to 2021. 

With that being said I am so happy to be talking about one of our most popular products the 25’ Heavy Duty Telescoping Flagpole! This product has shown to be not only our most popular but a customer favorite as well. There are so many cool features that we offer with this product. Some include the three different finish options (bronze, black, satin aluminum), 2 clips to be able to fly multiple flags at once, as well as a wind rating sitting high at a 95+ mph. These are only a few of the amazing features that are offered with this flagpole

Flagpole at night with topper disc lightHD flagpole in backyard fully installed


Scott H is one customer in particular we would like to discuss about this week as he was very pleased with his purchase of the 25’ HD Telescoping Flagpole. Scott purchased the solar powered topper flag light as well, so everyone is able to clearly see his beautiful U.S. flag fly at every hour of the day. Here is what Scott had to say about how satisfied he was with this purchase:

“I now have a beautiful, quality made, flagpole in my yard.  It is absolutely gorgeous!  The 16" Eagle you recommended is amazing as it sits on top glistening in the sun.  Stunning!  The solar light has surpassed my expectations.  It's perfect.” – Scott H

We thank Scott not only for his purchase, but also his service as he served in the military. We wanted to honor this by giving him the veterans discount in our sign of support for all the hard work Scott has been through. Thank you for your service and happy holidays to everyone, we hope you all are safe and well!


- Hayden S.


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