New Fiberglass Poles!

As the summer season approaches us, and we look to get that ideal summer body we are looking for, it's time to think about getting the ideal house as well. And what could be better with this incredible home addition of one of our brand new Fiberglass poles! With both a Ground Mounting Sleeve and a Hinge Mount you have so many different options to give you your ideal looking flagpole. As these flagpoles are much lighter than a standard metal pole, they are light enough to be mounted on a hinge base. These fiberglass flagpoles also allow for an easy re-rope when raising and lowering your flags with an option for either internal or external halyards.

Specifically designed for areas with high moisture and humidity, our Fiberglass flagpoles will top out all other flagpoles on the market. With sizes ranging from 20' to 35' this is a perfect residential style product. 

Some incredible attributes of these products include FREE shipping, a flash collar, and either a gold anodized ball, professional grade solar disk light, or a golden eagle topper. We are so excited with the timing of our new products coming out and we know that this will not only leave you happy and satisfied with your purchase, but also make your neighbors jealous they don't have the top Fiberglass flagpole. Be the next one to buy it when you purchase yours today!

20' fiberglass flagpole

fiberglass flagpole


-- Hayden S

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