Commercial Grade Aluminum Flagpoles


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Our beautiful commercial grade Aluminum flagpoles are available in both an external halyard (With rope and cleat), and Internal Halyard with an inside steel cable and winch system.

Our commercial grade aluminum flagpoles are some of our most popular flagpoles with the option of two different halyards. With both types of poles, you may choose from five distinct finish options, plus FREE shipping on all commercial orders within the continental United States. 

First is our traditional external halyard with a 9” aluminum cleat to tie your rope around when you are adjusting the height of your flag. These flagpoles feature a durable nylon rope and a revolving aluminum truck system that will keep your flag flying beautifully, no matter which way the wind blows. 

Second is our internal halyard which, is a much more modern style flagpole. The easy to use winch crank handle allows you to raise and lower your flags with ease. With the internal halyard, there is no external rope, and access to the flag is behind an access panel. Our internal halyard poles use a steel cable and easy to use winch system so you can raise and lower the flag in seconds.