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Major considerations should be made when picking your residential flagpole. Here are some of the main points to consider:

Size & Height -

Consider first the most ideal location. Wherever this is, should allow the flagpole to be visible from every viewing angle. The typical height for residential flagpole applications is 20 feet, but if your home is two to three stories, you may want to consider a 25 or 30 ft flagpole.

Material & Design -

The main options for residential poles are aluminum and fiberglass. Fiberglass is a great option in highly humid areas or areas with a lot of adverse weather conditions (coast lines/north east). Aluminum is strong, light weight and very low maintenance. Generally aluminum is a great option for any location. Once the material is decided you will also need to consider your design listed below in order of general strength standards:

One Piece Tapered Aluminum Flagpole - like our Professional Grade flagpole

Telescoping Flagpole - like our Heavy Duty Telescoping flagpole

Sectional Flagpole Kit - like our Premium Flagpole Kit

In the instance that a one piece flagpole is selected you will then need to consider external or internal halyards. This is the rope that helps raise and lower the flag. The external halyard flagpoles generally cost less, but you need to consider noise and the hooks/halyard hitting the pole. Some like the aesthetic of the rope swaying with the flag as it has a bit more of a classic look. The internal halyard can make it easier to raise and lower the flag especially at greater heights. If you do not want to deal with any halyard than the telescoping flagpole is the answer you are looking for.

Finished Color & Accessories -

Finally you should consider the color you would like your flagpole. Our fiberglass poles are only available in white, however the aluminum poles (one piece, telescoping, and kits) are all available in multiple color options. Generally the options are the originals satin finish, clear anodized, bronze anodized, and black anodized. The anodized finish gives extra protection for inclement weather and is recommended if you live an area that sees strong weather.

Beyond the color we generally include all that you need to get your flagpole operational - all aluminum flagpoles come with properly sized American made American flag, along with other relevant accessories as listed on each product description. However, you may want to add a flagpole light or an extra flag like a state flag or military flag.

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