25' Heavy Duty Telescoping Flagpole

25' Heavy Duty Telescoping Flagpole

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25' Commercial Grade Telescoping Aluminum Flagpole 

Our commercial series telescoping flag poles are made from heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum and are the strongest and longest-lasting telescoping flag poles on the market. Each pole is manufactured in Minnesota and comes standard with a free 3" gold aluminum ball topper, a free 4'x6' U.S. nylon flag and an easy to install ground sleeve. We provide 2 clips on this pole if you would like to fly more than one flag at a time. Each pole is also anodized, which means they hold up great to bad weather and will look better for longer as compared to a normal pole. 

    Our locking system is a pin as always but is a no-fail with a solid encapsulated pin. We upgraded our pin system about 10 years ago which has proven to be dependable.  The pins system allows for a much easier ability to take down in the wind.  We also are the only manufacturer to have aluminum swivels with a Delrin insert. The HD series is also a 6005 T6 Aluminum and 3" butt diameter / .090wall thickness.

    Stronger by Comparison 

    • Larger 3" Base Diameter 
    • Stronger Higher Wall Thickness 
    • Anodized: Aluminum, Bronze or Black 
    • Higher Wind Rating at 65 MPH
    • Upgraded Aluminum Swivel Flag Clips
    • Larger U.S. Flag - 4'x6' Included 
    • 10 Year Warranty - Warranty Link
    • Included Theft Deterrent Pin Lock

    Finish Options 

    Customer Pictures 

    Customer flagpole with a black finish flying in his backyard

    Installation Diagram 


    Product Specification

    • Made in the USA
    • 4 x 6 Nylon Flag
    • 3" Gold Aluminum Ball Topper 
    • Heavy-Duty Harness Rings
    • Fly 2 Flags at Once
    • Total Collapsed Height: 8'8"
    • .090 HD Wall Thickness at Base
    • PVC Ground Sleeve
    • Anodized Aluminum 
    • Wind Rating - 65 MPH for 1 flag
    • Top Diameter 1 & 3/4" 
    • Bottom Diameter is 3"
    • Weight: 27 lbs 
    • Easy Install Instructions & FREE Flag 
    • Available to ship within 3-5 days from warehouse
    • 10 Year Limited Warranty


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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What's the difference between this commercial-grade pole and other telescoping poles?
    Our commercial telescoping poles have a larger 3" base diameter, utilize thicker aluminum, come with a larger 4x6 U.S. nylon flag, and a 10-year warranty. 

    Can I fly two flags simultaneously?
    Yes, all of our flagpoles can fly one or two flags at the same time. For this flagpole, we recommend a 3'x5' flag for the additional flag.

    Can I fly three flags simultaneously?
    We do not recommend you fly a third flag on this pole.  If you must temporarily fly a third flag, we recommend that you double hook the bottom clip and use a very loose zip tie to accommodate the bottom grommet for the third flag.

    What is the height of the pole when it's fully collapsed?
    The total collapsed height of the 25' telescoping flag pole is 8'8". 

    How can I fly my flag at half staff?
    No additional parts are required to fly the US flag at half staff. You are only able to fly one flag. The US flag top grommet is moved to the second swivel ring second clip. The bottom grommet is clipped on the third swivel ring clip. 


    Installation Diagram