Hello everyone and happy spring time! As the warmer weather approaches and the outdoor season begins, I want to talk about one of our favorite products with a little modernization added to is. I am here to talk about the 25' HD Telescoping Flagpole. Yet this specific purchase that I am talking about today has a modernized twist to it. I want to discuss our anodized black finish option that we offer for all of our flagpoles. There are three different finish options you get to select from; Satin Aluminum, Anodized Bronze, and Anodized Black. 

This customer Herschel M, from Lakeland Florida purchased a 25' HD telescoping Flagpole in Anodized Black. The black finish adds an elegant, astute, and professional touch to it, that stands out over all other finishes.

Why did they decide to choose anodized over satin? There are great traits to both but I will describe some of the main benefits to selecting this finish option. The first of which is the durability and strength. Anodization allows you to keep your flagpole looking strong and brand new for longer. Next, Anodize is fairly permanent because it actually “grows” out of the base aluminum material. Lastly, the weather resistance is much better which also is proven by Herschel as they are living in a very tropical and humid area. Take a look at his beautiful flagpole and consider buying one for yourself!

- Hayden S

anodized black flagpole


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