I hope everyone is enjoying the day light savings time as much as we are. As the spring is approaching and the weather is changing, we are ready for you all to hear about some of our top products that would be a great spring purchase. Today I am going to tell you all about one of our most popular products, the 20' HD Telescoping Flagpole. This flagpole is the best one out there on the market. Whether its all the special deals that we offer with this purchase, such as a FREE 4' x 6' Nylon American Flag, the FREE shipping and handling, or the 10-year guaranteed warranty. As well as all of the great attributes like the anti theft  locking system with a 3 tier locking system and the 3 different finish options. This flagpole is the best option out there and you can get yours today when you purchase through this blog post.

Don't just listen to me, here is a chance to listen to one of our happy and satisfied customers. This here is David Z. from Kittanning, PA. David served in the military for many years and is now living near the lovely Allegheny river where he can fly his flags high in the sky. This beautiful town has so many pieces of scenery to offer, and with the addition of this flagpole, David can be happy to say he added a beautiful flagpole to this. He was so happy about it that he had to tell us this

"I need to say how thankful I am for you there and here’s some pictures. Between Military service and law-enforcement service. And the fact I had to retire a couple years ago early. Things don’t usually move me much . However  the fact that the flagpole went in for the first day. And on flag day, and the US ARMY BIRTHDAY couldn’t have been any better. Thanks". - David Z.

We are so happy we could add some positivity to David's life with his gorgeous flagpole. I hope everyone has a chance to feel the same way, and I can't wait to hear about all of our other customers and their satisfactory purchases.

- Hayden S.

flagpoles in PA

Flagpoles in PA with blue sky

20' flagpole in backyard

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