Hello everyone I hope your holiday season is going well and you all are having a better end to the year than the start of it. I am here today to talk about one of our happiest customers, Carpenters Local 32. This group is from Wentzville MO, a beautiful suburb of St. Louis. They were very happy to show us their installation process as they were getting ready to install both the 20' and 25' Tapered Aluminum Flagpole - External Halyard

These flagpoles are some of our most popular products as they come with so many great features. Some of which include; 5 different finish options, a FREE nylon flag, and a Gold Anodized ball on top. These are only a few of the incredible features that are included. Ted, a member of the Carpenters Local 32 also purchased a great accessory called the Dual Commercial Solar Flag Light, to make sure at night everyone can see the beautiful flags they fly by the road. 

We thank you for allowing us to show your great progress on the installation of your flags. We wish Carpenters Local 32 and all our customers a happy holidays and a safe and healthy end to the year!


Installation of 20' and 25' external flagpoles


Carpenters working on Installation

Carpenters working on installation

Installation process

Installation finishing

Flagpoles installed


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