I am pleased to be here today to talk about our Satin Aluminum HD 20’ Telescoping Flagpole. As this is one of our most popular products coming in the satin aluminum (traditional look), this product is best placed in front of any 1 story buildings such as any ranch style homes, or any smaller buildings. This flagpole comes with the ability to fly not only one flag at a time but two 4’ x 6’ flags. Some other incredible features that are offered with this product include a 10-year warranty as well as a 95mph wind grade. This flagpole is so durable and long-lasting it will look as if it is in perfect condition every day.

To get a better feel for this product we can take a look at one of our many satisfied customers. This here is Bonnie C who is from Alabama. As you see in her photo she is able to fly both her American Flag and the Alabama state flag. Sitting in her beautiful front yard this is the exact height she was looking for so her flags will fly high in the sky for her to see every day she leaves her house and comes back home. 

Check out all of our flagpoles so you can be as happy as all of our customers when you purchase a Liberty Flagpole!

- Hayden S

20' Flagpole with Alabama state flag

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