Tips for Buying Durable Wall-Mounted Flagpoles

When you go shopping for a wall-mounted flagpole, you should buy a product that will last a long time and keep your flag flowing in the air. Otherwise, you may find yourself with a poorly made flagpole that can’t withstand the forces of Mother Nature or even allow you to show your pride properly. Here are several tips for buying durable wall-mounted flagpoles so that you can keep your flag hanging upright.

Determine Your Price Range

When you begin this process, start by determining how much money you’re ready to spend on a wall-mounted flagpole. Investigate by looking at the costs of poles on the low and high ends of the scale. This way, you can find a price range where you feel comfortable.

But be careful if you consider settling for an inexpensive product. Some sellers may offer their products at a low cost for good reasons, such as poor construction. Your desire to cut costs may set you up for paying more in the future. For example, if it breaks easily, you will need to repair it or have it replaced.

Pick the Type of Flagpole You Need

Another important step is to pick the type of flagpole you need. For example, if you plan to hang it in your business's factory, use an indoor wall-mounted flagpole. This set features a wall bracket, so you can easily slip the flag's staff inside the bracket and let it do the work of hanging the flag for you.

But you have different options when it comes to hanging your flag outside. If you plan to do it outside your home, go with a residential wall-mounted product. This comes with a bracket and even features swivel fasteners that connect to your flag's grommets. Residential flagpoles are typically 6 feet long and should allow you to put a decorative piece on the end that will add to their appearance.

If you want to hang the pole on the outside of your business, go with a commercial flagpole, which runs from 8 to 12 feet in size. It also has more features that make it like a regular flagpole. For example, it has a truck assembly and pulley for bringing up the flag in the morning and taking it down in the evening.

Additionally, the commercial wall-mounted product comes with a halyard assembly and cleat. This allows you to tie off the flag, just as you would on a regular flagpole that you would have installed on your grounds.

Look Into the Sellers

After you decide which wall-mounted flagpole you need, do some research on the companies that sell them. This process will also help you choose the most durable wall-mounted flagpole that meets your satisfaction.

For example, if the seller has customer reviews of the product on their website, go through them and see what their past clients liked about the product. You may find that the reviews address some of your questions about the flagpole and how it can meet your needs.

You can also look outside the seller's website and see if there are independent reviews of the products or more customer reviews where they talk about the product. Make sure you read both positive and negative reviews to determine which ones seem trustworthy and which ones do not.

Look at the Flagpole's Construction

The construction of a wall-mounted flagpole can also affect its durability. You can judge this by visiting the seller's website and looking at flagpole images to see if you can spot any issues in their appearance.

After that, read the specs in the product description to learn what materials the manufacturer used to make the flagpole. If you’re unfamiliar with their material, investigate it yourself and see if it will provide you with the needed performance. For example, if a seller offers a wall-mounted flagpole with a steel wall bracket and an aluminum pole, both should be very sturdy when you use them outdoors.

Find Out the Seller's Return Policy

Learning the seller's return policy on the flagpole can be a good indicator of whether you’ll be buying a sturdy, reliable product. If the manufacturer's return policy seems fair, then that means that they have strong confidence in their items and their ability to meet your needs.

If their return policy doesn’t seem reasonable, it may be a sign that they don’t have any confidence and that you should buy from another seller. This red flag may prevent you from making a purchase that you would ultimately regret.

Ask Any Last Questions

Before you make your final purchase, take the time to ask the flagpole seller any last lingering questions, such as the expected lifespan of the product. Knowing these answers may help you feel more convinced that you’re buying a product that will perform as needed.

Additionally, pay attention to the way they answer your questions. If they seem forthcoming with their answers, you can feel better assured they will send you a reliable, durable product. If they seem evasive and don’t really answer your questions, it may be another indicator that you should go to a different seller.

Perform a Final Inspection

When you finally obtain your wall-mounted flagpole, make sure you perform a final inspection before you or someone else installs it. Carefully check it for any flaws or areas where it may have experienced damage during the shipping process.

You will be glad you caught any such issues quickly as opposed to when you try to install it. However, if you find that nothing is wrong, you’ll be able to feel more confident that you purchased a strong product from the right seller.  

After reading these tips for buying a durable wall-mounted flagpole, you should be better prepared to buy a product that will last a long time. If you want to purchase one for your home or business, contact Liberty Flagpoles. We have a selection of residential and commercial flagpole kits that will allow you to show your pride without having to go through the process of putting a flagpole in the ground.

Tips for Buying Durable Wall-Mounted Flagpoles

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