Strategies for Keeping Your Telescoping Flagpole Stable

When you install a telescoping flagpole on the lawn of your home or business, you’ll want to ensure that it stays stable and stands upright. Otherwise, if the flagpole collapses, you may cause harm to your property and others nearby. You can prevent such incidents with these strategies for keeping your telescoping flagpole stable.

Buy a Quality Product

One thing you can do to ensure your flagpole stays stable happens even before the installation. When you shop for telescoping flagpoles, make sure you buy a quality product from a reliable manufacturer. Otherwise, if they made the flagpole poorly, it has a greater likelihood of collapsing during inclement weather.

Dig a Proper Hole

Digging a proper hole is another good strategy for keeping your flagpole stable. When the time comes for you to dig the hole, make sure that it is two feet deep at the very least and four times the diameter of your flagpole. These measurements will be critical for ensuring that the base will be big enough so that it can provide the necessary support to keep the flagpole from collapsing.

Give the Base Enough Time to Dry

Giving the base enough time to dry is also important for ensuring your flagpole stays stable. After you put the sleeve in the hole and pour your cement or concrete for the base, give it at least one day to harden.

Otherwise, you may install it too soon, and the base will not be strong enough to hold it in place. Once it has had enough time, you should be able to place the pole into the ground sleeve. You can then lock it in place with detents so that it will be rigid and stable.

By following these strategies, you can ensure your flagpole stands tall and does not fall. Contact Liberty Flagpoles today if you want to add a telescoping flagpole to your property. Our heavy-duty, made-in-the-USA products are very reliable and make it easy for you to raise and lower your flag.

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