What Holds an In-Ground Flagpole in the Ground?

When you install an in-ground flagpole on your business’s property, you want it to stay securely in the ground and not fall over. But you may not know what you need to do to make sure that doesn’t happen. Read below to learn about what holds an in-ground flagpole in the ground and what you should remember during the installation process.

What Is a Ground Sleeve?

A ground sleeve is one item you will need to ensure your flagpole stays upright. The tube, which manufacturers often make from plastic, also prevents weather from harming the base of your flagpole. It can even stop moisture from rusting your flagpole so that it lasts longer.

Why Do I Need Cement?

Something else that you will need to hold your in-ground flagpole in the ground is cement. During the installation process, you will put the cement around the ground sleeve so that it creates a block that will prevent your pole from falling. That will help ensure your flagpole stays upright so that you can wave your flag high and proud.

What Should I Remember When Installing the Sleeve?

You should keep numerous things in mind as you install the sleeve for your flagpole. This includes making sure your hole is big enough. When you finish digging, the hole should be two feet deep at the very least and be four times the diameter of your pole.

After pouring the cement, briefly stick the flagpole in the sleeve so that you can confirm with a level tool that it will be perfectly upright when you install it. Remove the flagpole, but leave the sleeve in the cement. Make sure you give the cement one to two days to dry to ensure it will be hard and ready when you continue the installation process. If you move forward too soon, you may ruin your hard work.

Now you know what will keep your flagpole in the ground on your property. If you need a quality commercial aluminum flagpole to install outside your business, contact Liberty Flagpoles. We offer products with a flagged wind rating exceeding 100 miles per hour, ensuring you can keep your flag standing tall, even during breezy weather.

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