Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Installing a Flagpole

When you install a flagpole in front of your home or business, you want it to earn the envy of the neighborhood while declaring your patriotism. As the flag flies in the wind, it should impress your neighbors or passersby. However, that won’t happen if you make critical errors during its installation. Learn the biggest mistakes to avoid when installing a flagpole.

Not Storing It Correctly

You likely won’t be able to install your flagpole immediately upon receiving it. So, you’ll have to take care of it before erecting it. Store it somewhere safe from the elements and where it can stand straight up in its packaging. You should also keep it dry so it stays in good condition.

Not Checking Before You Dig

Another big mistake to avoid when installing a flagpole is not checking the ground before digging. If you don’t verify the area has no underground utility lines, you may damage vital infrastructure. Call 811 before digging so you don’t put yourself in danger and interrupt utility services.

Ignoring Assembly Directions

You may have built many things without the help of instructions, but that does not mean you don’t need them to assemble a flagpole. If you ignore or barely look at them, you may miss out on crucial steps that make your flagpole look great and operate as intended. Follow the assembly directions to increase your chances of installing your flagpole right the first time.

Losing Track of the Parts

While following directions during the installation process, keep track of the flagpole’s parts. For example, a heavy-duty commercial flagpole comes with swivel snaps and a mounting sleeve so that you can erect the pole and hang the flag easily. If you lose either, you will likely have problems finishing this project.

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