Warm or Cool Light: Which Is Best To Illuminate Your Flag?

When you hang your US flag during the daytime, you usually don't have to worry about how well lit it is because of the sun's natural light. But hanging it during the night is a different matter. You might wonder, "Which is best to illuminate my flag—warm or cool light?" You can read below to find out about the advantages of both.

Why Using Lighting Is So Important

Some may ask why it’s important to ensure their US flag has lighting. It’s essential because it’ll keep you in accordance with the US Flag Code.

Although it’s traditional for you to hang your flag at sunrise and then take it down at sunset, the Code also states that you can keep it up during nighttime hours. However, you must provide it with the right illumination while it’s dark outside.

The Advantages of Warm Lighting

As you try to decide which is best to illuminate your flag between warm and cool light, you should consider warm light’s advantages. These make it worth your consideration. For example, it’s a good fit for the nighttime hours and makes you feel comfortable as you get to the end of your day.

This lighting temperature will even give an extra boost to those warm colors within the US flag. This gives it an advantage over cool light, which may contrast with other lights you may set up and not create such a pleasant atmosphere.

The Advantages of Cool Lighting

But cool lighting also has several advantages. For example, when you use a cool light, you give the flag a much neater and cleaner look. It even makes the flag easier to see from far away than warm light.

Cool light has an additional advantage regarding the flag's colors. Although warm light can enhance some colors in the flag, it can make others seem soft. The cool lighting won't have that impact.

Ultimately, you should choose the lighting that will provide you with the specific advantages you need. Contact Liberty Flagpoles if you want to buy a solar-powered flagpole light so that you can show your patriotism during the nighttime hours. We offer products that make your flags easy to see in the evenings.

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