A Quick Guide to Wall-Mounted Flagpole Components

There are several options for hanging your flag and showing your patriotism. Many choose to do it with a flagpole outside their residence or business, but if you would like a simpler option, a wall-mounted flagpole may be exactly what you are looking for. Read below for a quick guide to wall-mounted flagpole components so you can show your pride and avoid a complex installation process.

Indoor Wall-Mounted Flagpoles

One option you have is an indoor mounted flagpole. Instead of digging a hole and creating a base, these flagpoles come with a wall bracket so you can efficiently and securely mount the flag inside your office, classroom, or public space.

As for the flag itself, manufacturers will mount it on a staff that you will place inside the bracket. Choose a staff with an ornament on the end, such as a golden spearhead, so it has a respectable appearance as it hangs on your wall.

Residential Wall-Mounted Flagpoles

Another option for showing patriotism is a residential wall-mounted flagpole, which will hang outside your home. This product is closer to a traditional flagpole since you may have to attach the flag to the pole via swivel fasteners that connect with grommets in the flag.

You can hang the pole outside of your house with the help of a mounting bracket. As for the pole itself, it should run six feet in length and feature an ornament on the end, such as a gold or black ball topper or a golden eagle piece.

Commercial Wall-Mounted Flagpoles

A third option is a heavy-duty, wall-mount flagpole for commercial use, which is comparatively even closer to a traditional flagpole. You will again use a wall mount for hanging the pole, which can range between 8 and 12 feet. But it also features a truck assembly with a pulley, allowing you to raise and lower the flag.

The components of this wall-mounted flagpole also include a complete halyard assembly and a cleat allowing you to tie it off and make it secure. You can also attach the flag to the halyard with the help of snap hooks.

If you need a wall-mounted pole to display your flag, contact us at Liberty Flagpoles. We offer residential and commercial flagpole kits that will provide you with the right installation tools and instructions to mount your flag perfectly.

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