4 Fun Facts About Residential Fiberglass Flagpoles

Adding a flagpole outside your house can be a great way to show your support for something you love. However, some can bring hassles rather than a sense of pride. Consider buying a fiberglass flagstaff if you want to avoid the headaches. You can learn more by reading these four fun facts about residential fiberglass flagpoles.

Fiberglass Flagpoles Do Not Rust

If you have concerns about rust accumulating on a metal flagpole, you don't have to worry about that with fiberglass! Unlike metal, fiberglass consists of glass fibers and other materials manufacturers use to produce plastic.

A fiberglass flagpole stays free of rust or corrosion, so you’ll spend less on repairs and more on hoisting the colors! If you live near a beach, lake, or river, you don't have to worry about the salty or humid air causing rust over time.

They Are Quieter Than Other Flagpoles

You may worry about disturbing your neighbors with a noisy flagpole. For example, an external halyard banging against a metal pole can be noisy on a blustery day.

Another fun fact about residential fiberglass flagpoles is that they are much quieter than their metal counterparts. Fiberglass absorbs noise, allowing you to show your pride and not earn the disapproval of your neighbors.

Fiberglass Is Very Strong

Fiberglass flagpoles tend to be lighter than other types; they also set themselves apart by being very strong. They are tough against the sun's rays and moisture, so they do not rot. These qualities allow you to spend far less time and money maintaining your flagstaff to get more out of your investment.

You Can Have Them in Different Colors

Residential fiberglass flagpoles give you the advantage of variety when choosing its color. If a white flagstaff does not appeal to you, try faux aluminum or black. You can even go with a bronze hue since you have more options when you buy a fiberglass product!

These fun facts make fiberglass flagpoles ideal additions to your home. Contact Liberty Flagpoles today if you want to add a fiberglass product to your yard. We can provide a high-quality product that will stand tall on your property!

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