A Quick Guide To Flagpole Lighting Fixtures

When people hang their US flag, they often do it between the hours of sunrise and sunset, per the US Flag Code. But the code also permits them to do it during the evening hours, just as long as they properly light it at night. You can learn how to do that with this quick guide to flagpole lighting fixtures.

Why You Should Hang Your Flag at Night

You may ask, “Why should I hang my flag at night?” Doing so will allow you to continue showing your pride and support in something you believe in.

But it can also act as something that will catch people’s eyes as they pass your property at night. If you have a business, it can attract like-minded customers who will want to use your services.

Flagpole Light Toppers

One device you can use for illuminating your flag is a solar-powered flagpole light topper that comes in a disc shape. After you install one of these lights at the top of your flagpole, it will collect energy from the sun. That will power the lights that shine on your flag when it’s dark outside.

Solar power allows you to enjoy considerable savings regarding your electric bills. In addition, the lights can turn themselves on and off, so you don’t have to remind yourself twice a day to attend to them.

Flagpole Lights with Solar Panels

Another option in this quick guide to flagpole lighting fixtures is a lighting system that you can install below your flag on your pole. These feature rectangular panels that will collect energy from the sun and illuminate your flags.

This system also saves energy costs and provides a convenient option when you do not have an electrical source adjacent to your poles. They may even give you the option of attaching them to trees as well as flagpoles.  

Now that you know what lights to use, you can show your pride 24 hours a day. Contact Liberty Flagpoles if you want to buy products to illuminate your flag properly. We have many options to choose from so you can let your flag fly no matter what the time of day is.

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