Ways To Display Both the American & Military Flags at Once

If you’re looking for a way to show off your support of the military, there’s no better way than a military flag. You can fly flags for branches of the military or the POW/MIA flag to show support for veterans and the United States in general. In fact, you can even fly two flags at the same time. Learn how to display both the American and military flags at once.

Choosing the Right Type of Flagpole

There are a couple of different ways to display two flags at once. However, you do need the right kind of flagpoles. For example, you can’t really fly two flags on a home-mount flagpole or a non-permanent standing flagpole. If you need to use either of those types of poles, you’ll need one pole per flag.

Flying Two Flags From the Same Pole

To fly two flags from the same pole, you’ll want a permanent flagpole. The standard height is about 20 feet. You can either get a flagpole with the traditional exterior halyard or one with clips for easy flag removal. Ensure that the United States flag is on top and that you leave a space of about 2 to 3 inches between the flags so that they’re less likely to hit each other.

Crossed Wall-Mounted Flags

If you’re displaying the flag indoors, you can also choose to mount two flagpoles with their poles crossed. If you want to go this route, make sure that the United States flag faces left and its pole crosses over the military flag.

Displaying both the American and military flags at once is actually quite easy if you understand the rules. Follow this guide to make sure you give both flags the respect they deserve. If you’re looking for a telescoping flagpole made in the USA with clips, then check out Liberty Flagpoles. We have tons of options to help make raising and lowering your flags easy.

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