Flagpole Buying Guide: What You Need To Consider

Installing a flagpole in front of your home or business comes with many benefits. Not only does a flagpole improve the overall appearance of your property, but it’s also a great way to show off your patriotism. For businesses, flagpoles also increase visibility to customers. Learn what you need to consider about installing a flagpole with this flagpole buying guide.

Residential Flagpoles

While there are many concerns that residential and commercial property owners share regarding the installation of flagpoles, we’ve decided to separate them into their own categories. Feel free to skip to the section that pertains to your situation.

HOA Guidelines

The first thing that an interested homeowner should do before installing a flagpole is look up their local HOA rules. Every HOA is different, but many of them have special rules about placing permanent structures on a property. They may have height guidelines, and some neighborhoods may specify what kind of pole to use to keep things consistent throughout the development.

The Right Height

Once you’re confident you know the legal parameters you’re working with, you can start shopping for a flagpole. Most residential flagpoles are 20 feet tall, but you shouldn’t assume that this height works for your house without testing it. You never want your flag to be disproportional to your home. If you have a smaller, one-story home, you don’t want the flag to fly too far above your roof. And for larger homes, you may need to go with a 25-foot pole.

Freestanding vs. Home-Mount Poles

Most of the advice in this post is designed to help people choose a freestanding flagpole since those require more planning. However, you can also opt for a home-mount flagpole, which is a good choice for smaller homes and yards. Just make sure you mount your pole in a place where the flag won’t touch anything when it hangs down.

Location, Location, Location

As you’re deciding on pole height, you also need to consider where you plan to place your flagpole. You should always display the flag in a prominent location in the front yard. When you choose a space, think about how the flag will look as people approach your home. It’s also vital to pick a spot that’s not near any trees, powerlines, or other tall structures.

Flagpoles for Renters

If you don’t own your home and you still want a flagpole, you can talk to your property manager about installing a flagpole mount outside your unit. You should also double-check your lease to see if it mentions placing flags outside your home. You may be allowed to install a flagpole on a rental property as long as the pole is removable.

Commercial Flagpoles

Installing a flagpole in front of your business can draw in customers and make your building more visible from the road. Below are some things for commercial property owners to consider when buying a flagpole.


Much like with residential flagpoles, you need to make sure you know about any legal regulations pertaining to your property before installing a flag. If you’re the property owner, then you probably don’t need anyone’s permission as long as the flagpole is a standard height. However, if you want to install a larger flagpole, you may have to address zoning ordinances and other regulations. If you rent your business space, you’ll definitely need permission from whoever owns the property.

Flag Base Protection

If you’re going to install a flagpole in front of your business, it’s vital that you protect the base of the pole from landscaping tools like lawnmowers. To make things easy—and to keep your property looking nice—we recommend doing some landscaping around the base of the flag that prevents anyone from mowing near it. For example, you could build a rock wall enclosure with shrubs and mulch to keep the area tidy.


While not everyone bothers to install lighting for their flagpoles, the US Flag Code does state that you should illuminate the flag if you fly it at night. Lighting your flag also helps your business look more professional. Plus, the additional lighting can act as a security feature.

There are a couple different options when it comes to lighting your flagpole. First, you could install floodlights that run on a timer or with light sensors at the base of your flag. Or you can use a flagpole with LED lights installed near the decorative flagpole topper. These lights are a bit more subtle and often come with small solar panels.

General Advice for Buying a Flagpole

While commercial and residential property owners have to consider many different factors when installing a flagpole, there are some concerns relevant to both. Take a look at our general advice for flagpole buying.

Flag Lowering Dates

Part of responsible flag ownership is knowing when to move the flag to half-mast. The biggest date you need to know about is Memorial Day, which is the last Monday in May each year. You’ll also want to pay attention to the news in case the nation goes into mourning for some reason, which would include the death of:

  • The current or former president
  • The current or former vice president
  • The chief justice of the Supreme Court
  • The speaker of the House of Representatives
  • A state governor

The president may also decide to lower flags to half-mast to mark other deaths and tragic events. Even state governors can decide to lower the flags in their respective states.

Flagpoles and Accessibility

There are many different kinds of flagpoles on the market today. Some of them use the traditional external halyard to raise and lower the flag, while others are collapsible or have an easy-lowering system. When you choose a flagpole, you want to be conscious of who will be responsible for adjusting the flag’s height and whether they may need a more accessible system. For example, telescoping poles are much easier for seniors to manage and maintain.

Flagpoles Made in the USA

If you’re looking for heavy-duty flagpoles, check out the options at Liberty Flagpoles. We carry both standard and telescoping flagpoles, plus home-mount poles and heavy-duty flags. Choose from a number of finish options and flagpole toppers, including solar panel LED lights for nighttime display. Not sure what kind of flagpole is best for you? Don’t hesitate to ask the experts—we’d love to help you choose the right flagpole for your needs.

Flagpole Buying Guide: What You Need To Consider

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