Tips To Properly Clean a Dirty Nylon Flag

Whenever you hang your nylon American flag on your flagpole, you show your pride in your country. However, over time, your flag can become dirty, requiring you to clean it to maintain its bright, colorful appearance and ensure its longevity. Here are several tips to properly clean a dirty nylon flag to keep it looking good.

Use Your Washing Machine or Handwash It

When you want to clean your flag, you have two options: putting it in the washing machine at a gentle setting or washing it by hand. You can put the flag in the washer and monitor it during the process to ensure that the colors aren’t running. If you have concerns about possibly damaging your flag, you should wash it by hand.

Ensure That You Use Warm Water in the Process

Another tip to properly clean a dirty nylon flag is to use warm water in the process, regardless of whether you decide to put it in your washing machine or do it by hand. Unfortunately, hot water can cause the colors to fade, compromising the flag's appearance. Make sure you use a gentle detergent as well when you clean it.

Let the Air Dry Your Flag Instead of a Dryer

After you finish washing your nylon flag, you might feel ready to put it in a dryer before you put it back on your flagpole. Doing that can hurt the flag, so it’s better to let it air dry completely before hanging it back on the pole.

Try putting it on your clothesline or spreading it out somewhere so that it can stay flat as it dries. Ensuring your flag is completely dry before rehanging it will allow you to keep it looking fresh and clean.

Use an Iron to Smooth It Out

If your nylon flag has wrinkles or creases after washing and drying, you can use an iron to help smooth out the fabric. Be careful not to use too much pressure when ironing or set the iron’s heat too high, as doing so can cause damage. This final step will ensure your flag looks crisp and polished when displayed on the pole.

By following these steps, you can ensure your flag properly conveys your pride. Liberty Flagpoles offers a wide range of nylon and polyester American-made flags in various sizes. Let us help you find a product so that you can show your love for the nation.

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