A Brief Look at the Benefits of Flagpole Lights

Flagpoles are excellent additions to any home or business, especially for property owners who want to showcase their pride with a flag. You can take your display a step further with the addition of flagpole lights. Get a brief look at the benefits of flagpole lights and why you should consider installing them.

Following the U.S. Flag Code

Adding lights to your flagpole can be especially beneficial if you plan to fly a U.S. flag at night. Doing so will keep you in accordance with the U.S. Flag Code, which specifies how to respectfully display and care for the American flag.

According to the code, you must illuminate the flag if you fly it during nighttime hours. Otherwise, you’ll have to take it down. By using a flagpole light, you follow the code and show the utmost respect for the nation's colors.

Showing Your Pride All Day and Night

Another benefit of flagpole lights is they allow you to show your pride all day and night. During the nighttime hours, visitors and passersby would not be able to see your flag very well if you let it hang in the darkness. When you add flagpole lights, people can clearly see your flag and identify your property.

Making Your Property Visually Distinctive

Installing flagpole lights can also help your property stand out from others. At the same time, the illumination makes your property easier to locate in the dark and could even deter malicious actors from fiddling with your flagpole.

The addition of flagpole lights can enhance your flag-flying experience and make a lasting impression on your community. Liberty Flagpoles sells multiple types of solar flagpole lights that can help you catch the eyes of your neighbors. We can help you illuminate your flags even after the sun goes down. Contact us today!

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