What Comes Included in a Typical Flagpole Kit?

Flying a flag outside your home is a great way to show your pride in your country, your state, or even your favorite sports team. However, finding the right pole kit can be challenging, as you want it to have everything you need. Read on to learn what a typical flagpole kit includes and ensure you aren’t missing anything that you will need to hang your flag proudly.

The Flagpole

The most critical component of a flagpole kit is, of course, the flagpole itself. You can choose from telescoping or sectional flagpoles, which vary in their methods of operation.

When buying a flagpole for your home, you will likely want to pick a pole that stands between 20 and 25 feet tall. When deciding on the material for your flagpole, consider buying an aluminum or fiberglass pole, as they are durable and weather-resistant.

The Halyard System

Unless you purchase a telescoping flagpole, a typical flagpole kit should include a halyard system—a rope assembly used to raise and lower the flag. This usually consists of a rope, a truck, and a cleat. The line typically runs the length of the pole and attaches to the flag via swivel snaps, which the kit should include as well.

Mounting Hardware

It is important to ensure your flagpole stays in place after you erect it, which is where the mounting hardware will come into play. These items include the ground sleeve, which you will stabilize in the ground with the help of cement, and a flash collar, which will help prevent Mother Nature from damaging the base of your flagpole.

The Finial

One of the final touches you will make to your flagpole is the addition of the finial, which crowns the pole’s top. The finial is usually a decorative ornament, such as a gold eagle or a ball, that will help add a unique touch of style to your flagpole.

The Flag

Finally, you cannot use a flagpole properly without a flag; your kit should include one as well. The length and width of flags vary depending on the size of your flagpole. For instance, a 20-foot flagpole usually pairs with a 3x5-foot flag.

Now that you know what should be included in a flagpole kit, you can find one that will supply you with everything you need. Contact Liberty Flagpoles if you want to purchase an aluminum sectional flagpole kit. Our products are easy to assemble and will stay strong against the weather after you erect them.

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