Ways To Prevent Thieves From Stealing Your Flag

When you hang a flag to show your pride for something, you do it with the hope that no one will try to steal it. Still, you can use methods to ensure your flag stays securely attached to the flagpole. Read on to learn multiple ways to prevent thieves from stealing your flag.

Buy an Internal Halyard Flagpole

Installing an internal halyard flagpole on your property is one way to prevent thieves from stealing your flag. Unlike an external halyard pole, this one keeps the rope that you use to raise and lower the flag inside the pole.

A locked hatch or a lock over a winch insertion spot adds to the flag’s protection. Without the key, thieves cannot lower your flag and take it. Instead, it’ll be up in the air flying proudly where it belongs.

Install a Cleat Cover Box

Don’t think you are out of options if you have an external halyard flagpole. Instead, keep your flag safe with the help of a cover box that you can install over the cleat on your flagpole. Thanks to the box’s strong pins and lock, you can raise your flag in the morning with confidence that it’ll still be there in the evening when you take it down.

Attach a Clamp to Your Telescoping Flagpole

Owners of a telescoping flagpole can keep their flag safe with the help of a special clamp. After removing your flagpole from the ground sleeve, you must make some adjustments to the sleeve to install it. Then, apply the clamp, and place your flagpole into the sleeve again. Tighten the clamp to apply enough pressure to discourage people from snatching your telescoping flagpole. Instead, it will stay right where you want it on your property.

With these solutions, you can keep your flag safe from theft. Contact Liberty Flagpoles today if you are looking for flagpoles for sale, along with clamps and cleat cover boxes. We can provide you with high-quality products to show your pride with your flags!

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