Tips for Beginners on Installing Outrigger Wall Flags

Do you have ambitions of displaying a flag on your abode? Installing an outrigger wall flag on the outside of your property can be a great way to showcase your pride. But adding one might seem daunting to those who haven’t done it before. Read on to learn tips for beginners on installing outrigger wall flags, and you’ll be admiring your handiwork in no time.

Make Sure Your Homeowner's Association Approves It

Before you create your display with your outrigger wall flag, check in with your homeowner’s association (HOA) and ensure it’ll allow this addition. It’s important to stay neighborly and compliant. Your HOA may have guidelines or restrictions on flag displays, and it's always better to ask permission than beg for forgiveness afterward—especially when you may have to pay fines.

Gather All the Supplies You Need

Another good tip for beginners on installing outrigger wall flags is to collect all the supplies you need for this process. In addition to the mount and flagpole in your kit, you need a drill, a screwdriver, screws, and a pencil. This prep work helps ensure that the job goes smoothly and that you won't find yourself halfway up a ladder missing a crucial widget.

Evaluate Different Places To Install It

Choosing the perfect spot for your flag is akin to picking a centerpiece for your dining table. It's all about visibility and aesthetics. Consider factors like wind direction, the material of the wall, and what the flag will be overlooking. Opt for a position that allows your flag to flutter freely, demands attention, and snaps a good picture you can show others.

Mark Your Holes for the Bracket

Precision isn’t just for the pros. Before drilling, place your bracket against the surface and mark where you should drill with the pencil.

This part is like a pirate marking an X—you want that treasure to hang just right. Otherwise, if you try to guess where the holes should go, you may make embarrassing errors that damage the side of your home.

Ensure You Follow the US Flag Code

When hanging your US flag, you must follow the US Flag Code during and after installation. This includes ensuring that your flag is in a spot where it’ll never touch anything underneath it and has the proper lighting if you keep it up during the night. Your flag-waving will reflect your pride and reverence for the emblem.

When you follow these tips as you hang your outrigger wall flag, you’ll make an installation worthy of a salute. Liberty Flagpoles offers wall-mount flagpoles that can help you create such a display. Our made-in-the-USA poles even come with instructions that’ll make the process easier. So you can add them quickly and enjoy the sight of Old Glory.

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