Things To Know About Hanging a Flag on a Rental Property

After moving into a rental property, it is natural that you want to make it your own. One way to add your personality to your residence is by displaying a flag. However, there are several important things to know about hanging a flag on a rental property.

Your Landlord May Prohibit It in Your Lease Agreement

Before shopping for flagpoles, examine your lease agreement closely. Some leases may have clauses prohibiting tenants from hanging flags or making exterior alterations to the property. Violating your lease agreement could lead to fines or even eviction, so check with your landlord and get permission before proceeding with any flag displays.

Your State May Have Laws About Renters Raising a Flag

Another thing to know about hanging a flag on a rental property is that several states in the US have laws regarding flagpoles. On the positive side, some laws stipulate that landlords cannot prohibit tenants from displaying the flag. However, these laws may also have restrictions, such as how big the flag can be and where you can put it on the property. Familiarize yourself with your state’s regulations on flying flags.

Your Landlord’s HOA May Also Have Rules Regarding Flags

If your landlord belongs to a homeowner’s association (HOA), there may be additional restrictions on hanging or flying flags. For example, HOAs can have strict guidelines on how and when you display your flag.

Reach out to your landlord or the HOA directly to ensure your display plans comply with their regulations. The last thing you want is to face fines or take down your flag after putting in the effort to hang it.

Do your research before displaying a flag on your rental property. After verifying that you can hang a flag, contact Liberty Flagpoles about our flagpoles made in the USA. Our products are durable and will add a patriotic touch to your home!

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