Things To Know About Flying Two Flags at Once

The act of flying a flag on your property can communicate messages of loyalty and respect. But you may wonder if it’s possible to hang more than one flag on your flagpole. You can, although there are certain rules you must follow when you decide to do this. Read on to learn the things to know about flying two flags at once.

Keep the US Flag at the Top

When displaying multiple flags on a single pole, you must position the US flag at the peak. This ensures you follow the US Flag Code and will give the flag the proper respect it deserves. Whether it’s state, company, or other organizational flags sharing the pole, you need to position them below the US flag so that it maintains its prominence.

Ensure the US Flag Is Not Smaller Than the Other Flag

Another thing to know about flying two flags at once is that proportional representation is critical. When flying the US flag, make sure it is larger than any other flag on your pole, or at least the same size. This rule ensures that no other flag dominates your display so that the US flag maintains its status.

Display Flags of Different Nations Separately

Although you can hang state, city, or organizational flags beneath the US flag on your pole, you should not fly flags of different nations beneath it. Instead, the US Flag Code mandates that you fly national flags on other poles, but at the same level as your US flag. These actions ensure that you show both flags the proper respect during peacetime. Don’t forget that both flags must also be the same size when you hang them.

Flying multiple flags is a powerful way to express personal values, and adhering to these guidelines shows a deep respect for the symbols involved, especially the US flag. Liberty Flagpoles sells US-made flags, as well as fiberglass and aluminum flagpoles that make wonderful additions to any lawn. Our staff is ready to help you show your patriotism on your property—contact us today to learn more.

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