Internal vs. External Halyard Flagpoles: What To Know

Most, if not all, flagpoles come with a halyard, which is a rope to raise and lower a flag on a flagpole. When you want to proudly display your American pride, invest in or upgrade to a new flagpole. An upgraded model comes with an internal or external halyard.

What are the differences between an internal and external halyard flagpole? Let’s discuss how they differ from one another and which one works best for you.

Internal Halyard Flagpoles

An internal halyard flagpole system contains a concealed rope within the flagpole. While it performs the same job as an external halyard, it has a slightly different mechanism. The internal halyard also has a flag weight with a similar rotating finial and cleat.

The flag weight allows the halyard to run inside the flagpole, emerging from below the finial, so the flags stay connected and accessible through a lockable hatch.

External Halyard Flagpoles

An external halyard flagpole system consists of a rope fitted outside the flagpole. It uses a finial at the top and a cleat at the bottom to tie off the rope.

The rotating finial swivels, allowing the flag to turn with the wind. It enables the flag to rotate, reducing the wear and tear of the halyard’s components. However, external halyards run the risk of the flag being stolen or exposed to weather conditions.

Which One Is Right for Me?

Choosing between an internal and external halyard flagpole all comes down to preference. An external halyard flagpole would work if your area experiences consistent weather and is generally safe. Otherwise, an internal halyard flagpole will do best if you’re in a public space with constant weather changes.

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