How To Install a Telescoping Flagpole

Hello everyone and happy early 4th of July! As we are nearly one week away from the most liberating day of the year, we are very excited to bring you this great video on how to install your own telescoping flagpole. Today we are going to take a deeper look into the 25' HD Telescoping flagpole as one incredible YouTube Vlogger was able to post a video showing us his whole installation process. Installing a telescoping flagpole is a perfect DIY project and something you can likely accomplish in a day. 

The 25' heavy duty telescoping flagpole comes in three different variants; Satin Aluminum, Anodized Bronze, and Anodized Black. This pole comes with a 65 + mph wind rating, a 10-year warranty, and a theft deterrent pin lock. You will notice that these are only a few of the incredible features to this great product. It ships free and includes an American flag made in the USA, as well as a ball topper and ground sleeve. Don't forget to add our incredibly bright, Professional Disk Light

One of our very own customers HAXMAN made this incredibly cool video on how to install the 25' telescoping flagpole. With the help of his two daughters, Haxman shows us how he not only installed the pole, but designed a beautiful garden bed layout for the flagpole to be presented on. This very funny and very useful video has every step you need to take to install your own flagpole as well. 


We are so thankful for HAXMAN as he was able to show all of our happy customers just how easy it is to install this telescoping flagpole, as well as take it above and beyond for the grand experience behind the vlog. Many of our customers tend to place their flagpole in similar locations to their home, and we have noticed that our most satisfied ones have been able to build a beautiful base similar to the one seen in the video.

Thank you to everyone who was able to watch and learn from the video and feel free to head over to to go and get yours today! Please feel free to leave any comments, videos, and pictures on how happy you are with your purchase, and we look forward to doing business with you.



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