5 Fascinating Facts About the American Flag

The American flag has stood the test of time in history, design, and representation. But do you know all the facts behind America’s symbol? Here are five fascinating facts you may not know about the American flag.

The Current US Flag Design Background

The artist of the current US flag design was no older than 17. A high school student named Robert G. Heft from Lancaster, Ohio, submitted it in a 1958 design contest. Out of 1,500 applicants, President Dwight Eisenhower chose Heft’s design to represent the United States.

The Colors Have Meaning

The red, white, and blue of the American flag have a deeper meaning. The founding fathers wanted the colors to have meanings behind them, not just to look visually appealing. Red represents valor and hardiness, white symbolizes innocence and purity, and blue reflects justice, perseverance, and vigilance.

US Flag Half-Mast Display

Another fascinating fact about the US flag is that there are only a few occasions when you can fly it at half-mast. It’s only during times of mourning—such as September 11th, 2001, or after the death of a current or former president. It represents the entire nation coming together to mourn.

Proper Disposal Method

Did you know that you can burn your US flag once it’s worn out? Though generally viewed as disrespectful, if a flag is damaged beyond repair, you are allowed to burn it with dignity and respect.

Rules for Flying Your Flag

The US Flag Code designates when and where you can display your flag. For example, if you wish to display your flag at night, you’ll need to illuminate it. Other rules include not flying it in poor weather, not flying it upside down, and not flying any other flag above it.

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