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Size: 2' x 3'
Material: Nylon
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United States Army Flag:

 Our United States Army Flags come available in many different size options and we also carry a Poly-Max version of the 3' x 5' flag. 

Nylon flags: Durable, UV resistant, and the most popular choice we have among all of our flag materials. The 200 denier nylon Army Flag will sway in a light breeze, and be a durable long lasting option.

Poly-Max: This our longest lasting material available. It is heavy duty and commercial grade, and it shines best in high wind areas. The heavier grade material means it will not sway as much as the nylon is a light breeze but this flag was built to last. If you are looking for a heavy weighted look or need a flag for commercial application or high winds, than this is your flag.

  • All flags come with durable brass grommets
  • Heavy Duty white canvas header


History of the United States Army Flag:

Before 1956, the United States Army was the only branch of the military without an official flag to decorate it.  In 1955, the Secretary of the Army noticed that the Army was facing a problem during joint service ceremonies without a flag to celebrate, which led to the creation of the United States Army flag in 1956, approved by President Eisenhower. 

The center section of the Army flag is occupied by the Seal of the United States Army, which prior to 1947, it was known as the War Office Seal.  The Army Institute of Heraldry defines the Seal in this fashion:

                In the center is a Roman cuirass below a vertical unsheathed sword, point up, the pommel resting on the neck opening of the cuirass and a Phrygian cap supported on the sword point, all between, on the right an esponton and, on the left a musket with fixed bayonet crossed in saltire behind the cuirass and passing under the sword guard. To the right of the cuirass and esponton is a flag of unidentified designs with cords and tassels, on a flagstaff with spearhead, above a cannon barrel, the muzzle end slanting upward behind the cuirass, in front of the drum, with two drumsticks and the fly end of the flag draped over the drumhead; below, but partly in front of the cannon barrel, is a pile of three cannon balls. To the left of the cuirass and musket is a national color of the Revolutionary War period, with cords and tassels, on a flagstaff with spearhead, similarly arranged above a mortar on a carriage, the mortar facing inward and in front of the lower portion of the color and obscuring the lower part of it; below the mortar are two bomb shells placed side by side. Centered above the Phrygian cap is a rattlesnake holding in its mouth a scroll inscribed "This We'll Defend." Centered below the cuirass are the Roman numerals "MDCCLXXVIII."



You can also learn more about the history of the United States Army Flag by visiting the Wikipedia page: 

Flag of the United States Army

The United States Army became official in 1784 and the 1775 on the flag represents the . The Army motto is: "This We'll Defend". The Army Flags are 100% manufactured in the United States.

At Liberty Flagpoles we do our best to give you one price that includes everything. With this in mind, we have decided to make all orders include free shipping. 

This means telescoping flagpoles, flagpole kits, wall mounted flagpoles, commercial grade flagpoles, fiberglass flagpoles, flags, flag lighting and accessories, and anything else you find on will include FREE SHIPPING. 

Please see below for our current estimates - if you have any questions on shipping times please reach out to us directly.

Call: 1 800 314 2392



Shipping for our heavy duty telescoping flagpole and flagpole kits is running approximately 3-6 days

*Individual flag purchases are heavily delayed - please be ready to wait 6 to 8 weeks for individual flags*

Our commercial flagpoles can take between 1-6 weeks to ship depending on stock availability, if you choose to have your flagpole anodized, and trucking availability. For questions regarding commercial flagpole shipping, please contact us before placing an order.


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John B.
United States United States
Liberty flag pole and flags

I recently purchased The 25 ft. Heavy duty telescoping liberty flag Pole and three Flags . A 3' x 5' Stars ans strips. A 2' x 4' Air Force Flag and a 2' x 4' Army flag. The pole instructions and installation were very easy and simple to install. I used six bags of post hole fast setting concrete mix. I let my base tub and cement cure for 48 hours mainly due to the cooler weather that came. Their poles and Flags are high quality, and I would highly recommend them to any one. John Boccher Maineville, Ohio 45039.

Daniel G.
United States United States
Go Army

Enjoy fling this flag.

United States United States

So far no issues to speak of they accidentally sent the wrong flag. I sent an email. Dan said on it and two days later emailed me back said the right one is on its way. I had te flag two days later. Can't ask for more than that. I bought the 20ft telescope flagpole. and solar light. As of right now, everything seems OUTSTANDING WITH NO ISSUES. Thank you this Veteran is very happy. Zig Ziegler

Ute T.
United States United States
Liberty Flagpole

Everything we purchased was a good delivery and great to see the new pole with our flags lighting up when the darkness arrives with the solar light we got a little while back, so thank you for being there to get our pole repaired from a small detail occurred in shipping

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