Unrivaled Strength and Elegance - Fiberglass Flagpoles for Every Setting

 Welcome to the pinnacle of flagpole design and durability. Whether for a stately home or a robust commercial environment, our Fiberglass Flagpoles are engineered to meet your needs. Available in our Professional Series for residential properties and our Commercial Grade Series for larger projects, these flagpoles combine functionality with aesthetic appeal, ensuring you find the perfect match for your landscape.


Product Features:

Premium Series - Residential

  • Designed for homeowners seeking reliability and elegance, our Professional Series Flagpoles add a touch of class to any property. Perfect for displaying national or custom flags with pride.
  • Features:
    • Lightweight yet durable
    • Easy installation
    • Ideal for residential use
    • Corrosion Resistant
    • Seamless Build - Handmade Craftsmen Quality
    • Lifetime Warranty on pole

Commercial Grade Series - Commercial Projects

  • Our Commercial Grade Fiberglass Flagpoles are built to withstand the demanding conditions of commercial environments. Rated for 125+ MPH winds, they offer unmatched durability and are compliant with NAAMM and AASHTO standards.
  • Features:
    • High wind rating of 125+ MPH
    • Seamless, hand-made construction for superior durability
    • Comes with a lifetime warranty on the pole
    • Corrosion- and weather resistant - perfect near the water
    • Unmatched build - hand laid fiberglass
    • Best looking flagpoles on the market

Color Options Section:

"Customize your flagpole with our selection of sophisticated finishes. Each color is crafted to offer the best in durability and style:

  • White – A clean, classic look for any setting.
  • Bronze – Perfect for traditional and historical settings.
  • Black – Modern and striking, making a bold statement.
  • Fauxluminum – Offers the look of aluminum with the benefits of fiberglass."

Base Options Section:

"Choose the ideal base for your installation needs:

  • Ground Set Base – For direct burial, providing stability and permanence.
  • Anchor Base – With a bolt-down feature for hard surfaces.
  • Hinge Base – Allows for easy lowering and raising for maintenance."

Configure Your Perfect Flagpole - Select your series, color, and base options now!


FAQs Section:

  1. What is the difference between the Professional and Commercial Grade series?

    • "The Professional Series is tailored for residential use with lighter construction, while the Commercial Grade series is built for commercial projects, offering enhanced durability and wind resistance."
  2. Can I customize the height of my flagpole in either series?

    • "Yes, both series of flagpoles are customizable in height. Contact us for tailored dimensions and recommendations based on your specific needs."
  3. What maintenance is required for these flagpoles?

    • "Our fiberglass flagpoles are virtually maintenance-free. They do not require painting and are corrosion-resistant. We recommend occasional cleaning with soapy water to maintain their appearance."

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Our professional-grade fiberglass flagpoles are a newer product of ours that we couldn’t be happier about. This specific pole is meant to be placed in areas that have either heavy weather, or they are near bodies of water. The sleek permanent glossy gel coat finish allows your flagpole to look good and strong for a long time.

The fiberglass flagpoles come with the option to have either an internal and external halyard attachment. While both options are great, it truly depends on your preference for which choice you will be happier with. 

Flag Not Included. Please add the flag under accessory on the product page. 

Lastly, with this flag pole, you will get flat rate shipping and no guess work.

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