Why Each State in the U.S. Has Its Own Flag

Most people understand why countries have flags, but you might wonder why individual US states have flags. These state flags tell important stories and unite the people living in those regions. Keep reading to learn more about why each US state has its own flag.

Flags Tell Your State’s Origin Story

All fifty states of the US had to enter the union to become states. Before that, they were colonies, territories, or countries. Yes, you read that correctly! Texas was actually the Republic of Texas, an independent country, before it became a US state. Hawai’i was also a country shortly before becoming a territory and then a state. Flags celebrate the unique histories of each US state.

State Flags Represent Sovereignty

State sovereignty is a complex topic, but it basically means the federal government doesn’t get to make all the decisions for the US. States get to voice their opinions, and they get to elect their own state governments. Flags celebrate this important partnership between states and the federal government. They are part of the checks and balances that make democracy work.

They Unify Identities

Another reason why each state in the US has its own flag is each one displays colors and images that are important to the citizens of that state. It’s a way of uniting everyone and telling other people what you value. For example, the California flag shows the extinct California grizzly bear. In a lot of ways, it represents the lore of California as a wilderness filled with different biomes and natural wonders.

The Most Unique US State Flags

There’s some pretty steep competition when it comes to the coolest US state flags. Some of the most interesting designs come from the following states:

  • New Mexico
  • California
  • Texas
  • Arizona
  • Alaska
  • Colorado
  • Massachusetts

These flags all have strong, simple designs that are easy to recognize. Don’t be embarrassed if your state flag is just your state seal! State seals pack a ton of symbolism and history that is just as cool as more memorable designs.

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