What Is the Purpose of the Gold Ball on Top of a Flagpole?

Flagpoles have specific design elements to make them functional and aesthetically pleasing. However, only a few people know the purpose of the gold ball on top of flagpoles. So let’s discuss the many myths behind the gold ball and the reason for its inclusion.

The Myths Behind the Gold Ball

A common myth many people believe about the golden ball on top of flagpoles is that it contains a match, a razor blade, and a bullet. These are to cut the stars and stripes from the American flag, burn the remains, and defend yourself. Meanwhile, another rumor is that the golden ball contains a rice grain or wheat grain to help strengthen a soldier to protect the flag and rebuild food supplies.

Other people believe the golden ball contains a thread and needle to repair damaged flags in case of a victory. However, these are all untrue.

The Purpose of the Gold Ball

While the purpose of the gold ball on top of a flagpole is more normal, that doesn’t take away from its importance. Let’s cover the reason why the gold ball is essential for flagpoles.

Keeps the Flag in Place

One of the main reasons the gold ball is on flagpoles is to help keep the flag in place. It prevents flags from sliding off the flagpole with a tube-like section of fabrics running vertically along the left-hand side of the flag. This acts as a stopper to keep the flag secure.

Enables Flag Lowering and Hoisting

Some flagpole models incorporate the ball for hoisting and lowering the flag. For instance, military flags use gold ball fixtures containing a hidden pulley system to hoist and lower the flag quickly. However, many traditional flagpoles don’t have these hidden pulley systems.

Improves Visual Aesthetics

A simple reason flagpoles come with golden balls is the aesthetic factor. They create an attractive design that complements flags. Additionally, some golden balls have brass coloring while others have silver, creating a beautiful visual aesthetic for onlookers and landscaping.

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