Hello and happy early Cinco De Mayo! I am so happy to be here today to talk about one of our best and most popular products. In the beautiful home of University of The South, the Phi Gamma Delta chapter house used our 25' HD Telescoping flagpole to fly the American flag but the chapter flag as well. As you can see all of our HD Telescoping flagpoles have the many features that these great flagpoles offer. Some of the other great features these products have include:

  • Heavy Duty Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • 3 tier level locking system
  • Higher wind rating at 65mph

As these are only a few of the great attributes of our telescoping poles, we also offer a 10-year warranty and FREE shipping when you order Today!

As University of the South was founded in 1857, holds a lot of rich history and was former SEC school that once beat Alabama in football. Such as the incredibly amazing FIJI (Phi Gamma Delta) house that is right next to the road. With the great placement and location that was used for this flagpole, every student, faculty, and pedestrian can easily see their flags flying high in the sky! This not only shows their pride for their chapter house but also for the nation with both flags that they fly.

 HD Flagpole at FIJI Chapter house

flagpole in front of FIJI house

- Hayden S 

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