Must-Know Tips for Properly Storing Your American Flag

Are you thinking about putting out a flag for Independence Day this year? Displaying the United States flag is a great way to show your patriotism. However, you may not want to leave the flag out all year, and that’s perfectly fine. Learn these must-know tips for properly storing your American flag.

1. Don’t Let It Fade

Make sure that you keep your flag somewhere away from sunlight when you store it. If your garage or basement has windows, be careful about leaving the flag somewhere that it could receive too much sun. This is because UV light from the sun will cause the colors to fade over time.

2. Keep Away From Moisture

While most flags available today are made of synthetic materials, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t monitor moisture levels near your flag. Nylon and polyester flags can still take damage if you store them somewhere damp. Over time, the excess moisture will damage the synthetic fibers, causing them to be less weather resistant.

3. Wrap Around a Pole

For flags that you want to store on the pole, the storage preparation process is easy. Just wrap the flag around the pole and secure it in place with zip ties or utility cord. It’s also a good idea to place a plastic cover over the flag if you’re going to lean it against a wall so it doesn’t collect dust.

4. Store for Display

Storing your flag for display is a good way to use your flag all year round. National flags are stored in wooden triangular boxes, so you’ll need to fold the flag into a triangle. There are specific instructions online to help, but you basically need to create thirteen triangles with your folds.

5. Use Plastic Storage Containers

If you won’t be displaying your flag during storage, you don’t need a fancy box. However, you should still cover the folded flag in a protective case to keep dust and pests away—clear plastic containers are best.

Now that you know these tips for properly storing your American flag, it’s time to start looking for a flag and a way to display it. You can find a one-piece aluminum flagpole made in the USA at Liberty Flagpoles. We’re a veteran-owned business supplying families and companies with high-quality flags and flagpoles. Contact us today if you have any questions.

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