Must-Know Tips for Illuminating the American Flag at Night

When installing a new flagpole in front of your home or business, it’s important to stay up to date on all the rules in the US Flag Code. These are the rules that govern how people should treat the American flag in order to show respect. If you break obvious rules, it might make people think you don’t really care about the flag.

One rule that people often overlook is to always shine a light on the US flag if you fly it during nighttime. Learn these must-know tips for illuminating the American flag at night.

Bottom-Up Lighting

There are several different lighting styles that you can use with your flagpole. If your flag pole isn’t very tall, you can probably use a light source that sits at the bottom of the pole. One option is to install in-ground floodlights at the base of the pole. However, a cheaper option is to get a light source that attaches right to the base of the pole for easy maintenance.

Top-Down Flagpole Lighting

For taller flagpoles, the better choice is to use top-down lighting. These are lighting systems that attach to the top of a flagpole above the flag to make sure it’s properly illuminated. The top-down system is better for taller flagpoles because the light doesn’t need to reach as far in order to put the flag in the spotlight.

Solar Panels

When it comes to illuminating the American flag at night, we can’t recommend solar panel lighting enough. In fact, many modern flagpole lighting devices come with built-in solar panels, including both bottom-up and top-down styles. The main benefit of using solar lighting is that you don’t have to worry about wasting electricity by having a powerful floodlight on all night long.

If you’re looking for flagpole solar lighting systems for your home or business, check out Liberty Flagpoles. We have everything you need to set up the perfect flagpole, including flags, poles, lighting kits, and attachments for additional flags. Not sure which kind of setup is best for you? Give us a call or send us an email—we’d love to chat and help you find all the equipment to suit your flag-related needs.

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