Today we are here to talk about how special our flagpoles truly are. Over the past week, there were some terrible storms that hit parts of the country. There were tornado watches, flood warnings, and lots of severe weather storms that were issued all across the Midwest.

Specifically, one of our customers, Payce R was able to capture an incredible video while the storms tore through his home in central Iowa. As Payce didn’t have the time to take down his flag and flagpole before the storm hit, he only had to hope that it could withstand the high winds and harsh storm…

The result was remarkable! His 20ft Heavy Duty Telescoping Flagpole was able to not only withstand all of the weather but also come out with little to no damage at all. As these flagpoles are made with heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum, it will take even more power than a severe storm to take down one of our flag poles.




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