For today’s blog post we will be looking at one of our customers who purchased the 25’ Tapered Aluminum Flagpole with an internal halyard. This is one of our most popular flagpoles for our commercial flag poles. The internal halyard feature is one of the best and most modern additions to the flagpole. It allows for an easy and accessible system to raise and lower your flags.

25' Flagpole by the water  

Looking at Karen H.’s purchase she was very happy with her beautiful installation on the banks of the Severn River in Annapolis, Maryland. As we see the pole has two sets of hooks so you can fly two separate flags at the same time. Being by the river this powder coat white commercial flag pole can withstand all the weather and moister that this environment throws at it.

With this product it is entirely made in the U.S.A. and we offer it in 5 different finishes as well as free shipping. Coming in at 9 different sizes for both external and internal halyards. You have the opportunity to be very happy and satisfied if you buy a commercial flagpole from us.


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