Why Is Nylon Fabric Used for Making Flags?

When you decide to hang an American flag on your flagpole, you’ll need a product that will allow you to show your patriotism while enduring the elements. So you may feel surprised to learn that many manufacturers use nylon to make them. But there are several good reasons why they use nylon fabric for making flags. Read below to learn more.

Nylon Does Not Unravel Easily

Don’t let the gentle feel of nylon against your skin fool you when you touch it. It’s tougher than you think. It features strong fibers that won’t easily unravel as opposed to some natural ones. Since you want your flag to last a long time, this is highly advantageous.

The Material Is Affordable

Affordability is another good reason manufacturers use nylon fabric for making flags. Nylon requires a simpler manufacturing process than some other materials. That allows you to purchase flags that use the material at an affordable cost while enjoying its advantages.

It Flies Well in the Wind

If there’s anything you want to see when you hang a flag, it is for it to fly well in the wind. The lightweight nature of the nylon allows it to easily catch a breeze so that you can enjoy your flag’s colors flowing freely in the air.

Nylon Is Perfect for the Outdoors

You might have considered using a cotton flag, but that material is less suitable for outdoor use than nylon. Although the US Flag Code says you should not hang your flag on poor weather days, a nylon one could brave the elements quite well. This is why manufacturers often make all-weather flags with nylon.

The material allows the flag to stay strong against Mother Nature so that it does not easily tear. It even prevents it from developing mold or mildew damage and can help your flag dry faster if you keep it out in the rain for too long.

Nylon can provide your home or business with a durable, dependable option. Contact Liberty Flagpoles if you are looking for heavy-duty flags for sale. We offer an array of products that are available in multiple sizes.

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