Things To Know About Mounting a Flagpole on Brick Wall

If you like displaying your patriotism, you might want a wall-mounted flagpole on your property. However, if the exterior is brick, you might worry about the stability of the mount. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Learn how to simplify the process with these things to know about mounting a flagpole on a brick wall.

Avoid the Brick Ends When Mounting Your Bracket

The first step in this process is to choose the spot for your flagpole bracket. We suggest avoiding mounting it on the ends of the bricks. The brick ends are typically weaker and more prone to damage than the center. Instead, mount the bracket on the flat surface of the brick to provide a stable base for your flagpole.

Mark Where To Drill With a Pencil

Another thing to know about mounting a flagpole on a brick wall is to mark on the brick where you’ll drill and attach the bracket. A pencil is the best writing utensil for the job. By marking up the brick, you avoid the chance of uneven holes or inadvertently damaging your brick wall.

Use Masonry Anchors To Secure Your Flag

Standard screws won't do the trick when mounting a flagpole on a brick wall. Instead, you will need masonry anchors. After drilling the holes for the anchors, you can put them in the brick so your flagpole stays firmly in place. Select anchors that can support the size and weight of your flagpole.

Tighten the Flag in the Holder

After successfully mounting the base on your wall, tighten your flagpole. This step is crucial for maintaining the flag's position and preventing it from falling or twisting in heavy winds. Tighten the screw to lock your flagpole in place at the desired height. Also, regularly check the tightness of your flag to ensure it remains secure.

Mounting a flagpole on brick is a rewarding project for patriotic homeowners and business owners. Liberty Flagpoles offers a wall-mounted flagpole kit that will allow you to do this easily. Our made-in-the-USA aluminum flagpoles can help you create the perfect display on your property!

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