Can You Fly a Flag at Half-Mast on a Telescoping Flagpole?

As a patriot with an American flag outside your home, you will likely want to fly the flag at half-mast during certain periods to honor fallen heroes. However, if you have a telescoping flagpole, you may wonder if you can fly the flag at half-mast. Read on to learn the answer and the proper practices for flying the flag at this position.

Can You Fly It at Half-Mast?

Yes, you can fly a flag at half-mast on telescoping flagpoles. You can take the pole down to its second flag position so that is halfway between the top and bottom of the flag. By following this procedure, you can show others how you honor those who served this country.

What Additional Practices Should I Follow?

Now that you know you can fly your flag at half-mast on a telescoping flagpole, you may wonder if there are other practices you should follow in this process, including how you raise the flag and lower the flag.

Make sure you raise the flag to the top of the flagpole briefly before you take it down to its half-mast position. When you take down your flag for the day, make sure you take it to the top of the pole again before bringing it down. Additionally, as you raise and lower it, ensure the flag does not touch the ground or other objects nearby.

When Should I Fly the Flag at Half-Mast?

You must also remember the proper occasions to fly the flag at half-mast. It is best to do this when the US president, state governor, or the District of Columbia’s mayor declares a time of mourning.

You should also fly it at half-mast during nationwide tragedies or days of remembrance, such as Memorial Day. However, on Memorial Day, remember that your flag should only be at half-mast from sunrise until noon. Afterward, you should raise it to the top of your flagpole and keep it in that position until sunset.

Now that you know how and when to fly your American flag at half-mast on a telescoping flagpole, you can show respect to our nation’s fallen soldiers. Contact Liberty Flagpoles if you want to purchase a telescoping flagpole for your property. Our made-in-the-USA products feature a design that makes it simple to raise your flag and show your pride.

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