5 Advantages of Telescoping Flagpoles You Should Know About

Adding a flagpole to your home increases its value and allows you to show off your love for your country. What you may not know is that there are a few different kinds of flagpoles, meaning you’ll need to choose which type you want to install. Consider five advantages of telescoping flagpoles you should know about.

1. Easy Raising and Lowering

Telescoping flagpoles are the easiest kind to raise and lower. This is because they don’t use ropes for hoisting and lowering flags. Instead, all you have to do is slide each section of the pole upward until the whole flagpole is extended, and each section locks into place for added stability. If you’re someone with joint issues or you just don’t want to deal with ropes, telescoping poles are the way to go.

2. Fully Removable

Thinking you might not stay in your current home forever? No problem! One of the advantages of telescoping flagpoles is that you can still add a flagpole to your home and just bring it with you when you move. Everything but the ground sleeve is removable, and those are easy to replace and install at your next house.

3. No More Tangled Ropes

Not everyone wants to contend with ropes for raising and lowering flags. They can also be inconvenient when you’re dealing with high winds that get your flag tangled. Thankfully, many telescoping poles come with swivel clips that allow your flag to fly in any direction the wind blows.

4. Easy Storage

If you’re concerned about periods of extreme weather in your region, we completely understand. Storms can topple trees as well as flagpoles. The nice thing about a telescoping pole is that you can fold it up and bring the whole thing inside if you’re worried about blizzards or tornadoes in your area. Collapsed flagpoles are easy to stash inside a closet or on top of a garage shelf.

5. Simple Attachments for Additional Flags

On a standard flagpole, you have to have a little rope knowledge in order to attach a second flag. There are complex loops to make, and not everyone wants to solve a puzzle just to attach another flag. Telescoping poles tend to use much easier attachment systems, like snaps, that make adding a second flag quick and painless.

Find the Perfect Telescoping Pole

You can find telescoping flagpole kits at Liberty Flagpoles. We carry heavy-duty poles in three finishes, and each comes with everything you need to install your flag, including a nylon flag and decorative ball topper. Contact us today for more information.

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