Happy spring to all of our very satisfied and amazing customers! We are so excited to be coming up on the summer season as this is the most popular time for everyone to be decorating around their house. What better to boost the look and value of your home with a 20’ Heavy Duty Telescoping Flagpole. Available in 3 different finishes, a wind rating at 85 mph +, and a 6005 T6 Aluminum and 3" butt diameter / .090 wall thickness, this is the best flagpole out there. The best part with this purchase is you get both FREE shipping and a FREE 4' x 6' nylon American flag. What else could you ever ask for when purchasing a flagpole.

As this is one of our most popular products we are happy to show you one of our satisfied customers Mark T who gave us not only a great review, but an incredible story as well. He told us about the old wooden flagpole that his father built from scratch taken from old boat parts. He couldn’t have been more excited to now have not only a non wooden flagpole, but also a top of the line flagpole. Mark stated:

"It was easy and took no time to replace. I'm near the ocean and get strong winds many times. Looks great, holding up to the wind and I know my Dad would have approved."

new 20' flagpole


Not only are we happy to have Marks dad's approval (a former Air Force member), but also to hear such an inspiring story. We all thank mark and his family for their service as well as their purchase with LibertyFlagpoles. If you want to be as happy as Mark head on over to our store and check out all the great Telescoping flagpoles and other products that we offer.


old wooden flagpole


- Hayden S.

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