Tips for Protecting Your Flag From Fading

Many proud US citizens enjoy flying their country’s flag to show off their patriotism and honor veterans. However, if you’re new to flag ownership, you might not realize that there are rules and best practices for honoring the flag. One thing you never want to do is fly a flag that looks tattered or faded. So how do you keep your flag looking nice? Follow these tips for protecting your flag from fading.

Use Protective Spray

The most proactive thing you can do before setting up a new flag is to give it a coat of protective spray. While there are many types of protective fabric sprays, you want one that specifically protects fabric from UV light. Periodically, you should take down your flag and clean it. When you do so, make sure you apply another protective coating.

Take the Flag Down on Sunny Days

Under normal circumstances, sunny days are exactly when you most want to see your flag flying high in the breeze. However, you do have the option of taking down your flag to protect it. While many people remove their flags during inclement weather, you can also choose to move yours inside when you have extremely hot and dry weather or no clouds in the sky.

Store Your Flag Properly

Another tip for protecting your flag from fading is to store it correctly when you take it down. For example, if your flag is wet, make sure it has time to dry out completely. It’s also vital that you keep your flag away from any sunlight that might come through a window. Store your flag in a sealed plastic bag so moisture and sunlight can’t fade the colors.

Find Your Next US Flag

If your current flag is looking a little tattered and faded, it’s time to replace it. The US Flag Code clearly states that you should never fly a flag that looks worn because to do so is disrespectful to our country and to the flag as a national symbol. When it’s time to retire your current flag, you can find your next flag at Liberty Flagpoles. We carry heavy-duty flagpoles for houses, as well as collapsible poles for easy raising and lowering. Contact us today for more information.