Half Staff Alert | Missouri | March 27, 2022

Half Staff Alert | Missouri | March 27, 2022

In honor of Bonne Terre Patrolman Lane A. Burns

Burns, 30, was killed in the line of duty late last week while responding to a disturbance call at the Motel 6 on Highway K.

Officers from dozens of agencies across the state joined the public in honoring Burns.

St. Robert police Officer Greg Long traveled two hours to make the service.

"It was worth it for our brother in blue," he said, adding that he knew the fear of possibly not making it home as a first responder.

"I kiss my kids every night before I go on shift, but I mean it's something we know could happen any day," Long said.

Burns' cousin Derrick Hill, who's a Cass County Sheriff's Office recruit, said it helps him and his family when "all these agencies come out and show their support even though they didn't know him."

The services concluded with a salute and "end of watch" call for Burns.

Burns had been with the Bonne Terre Police Department for five years. He is survived by his children, parents, two brothers, maternal grandmother and girlfriend.



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