50ft Nautical Aluminum Flagpole

50ft Nautical Aluminum Flagpole

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50' Tapered Nautical Aluminum Flagpole 

This commercial grade 50' nauticalflag pole is made of high quality spun aluminum and features a single shaft with yardarm.

The kit includes all you need to make your waterfront flagpole complete, even a FREE 8' x 12' American flag!.

Don't forget all of our flags and commercial flagpoles are 100% made in the U.S.A.!


  • 8' x 12' Nylon Flag
  • Gold Anodized Aluminum Ball
  • Aluminum Single Revolving Truck Assembly
  • Truck Assembly Aluminum Pulley
  • Two Eye Hook mounted Single Pulleys on Yardarm
  • Complete External Halyard Assembly
  • Three #10 Polypropylene Rope Halyards
  • 6 Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Swivel Snap Hooks
  • 6 Neoprene Snap Hook Covers
  • Three 9" Heavy-Duty Aluminum Cleats
  • Spun Aluminum Flash Collar
  • Galvanized 16-Gauge Steel Ground Sleeve
  • Steel Grounding Spike





1 Year Limited


Installation Diagram