20ft Fiberglass Flagpole - Hinge Base

20ft Fiberglass Flagpole - Hinge Base

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20' Professional Grade Fiberglass Flagpole 

This professional-grade 20' one-piece fiberglass flagpole is made from high-grade fiberglass and easily holds up in humid climates. Our pole holds a permanent glossy gel coat finish allowing for a great look no matter the condition.

The pole includes all you need to make your flagpole complete! With an easy installation process, you will be flying your flag in no time. As we do provide you with two separate styles of this pole, both the internal and external halyard, you can’t go wrong with either one. 

Internal Halyard Available: If you prefer an internal halyard over an external, simply select the internal halyard option from the dropdown above. The internal halyard option puts access to your flag behind a lock and key. 

Flag Not Included. Please add the flag under accessory on the product page. 


  • Flash Collar 
  • Gold Anodized Ball
  • Cleat
  • Hinge Base Mounting Hardware
  • Nylon Rope 

Select Internal Or External Halyard For Your Pole

An example of an internal halyard and an internal halyard
a 360 degree version halyard called a revolving halyard



Butt Dia. Top Dia. Height Weight
4.5" 2.5" 20' 26.5 lbs

Wind Rating: 150 mph
Warranty: 20 Year MFG  
Model: LFPGS-20