7' Indoor U.S. Flagpole Kit

7' Indoor U.S. Flagpole Kit

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7' United States Indoor Flagpole Kit

Show off your love for our great nation with this amazing 7' tall United States Indoor Flagpole kit.

This amazing flagpole kit features a 3' x 5' all nylon American Flag, one 2 piece solid oak 7' tall flagpole, one heavy duty base, one 9' rayon gold cord with tassels and finally a Val-lex ornamental eagle topper that makes any home or office space look extremely patriotic!

Dress up your home or office today with our 100% made in the USA flag and 7' United States Flagpole kit!


Product Specifications

  • (1) 7' Solid Oak Flagpole
  • (1) 3' x 5' 100% Nylon American Flag
  • (1) 9' Rayon Gold Bullion Cord & Tassels
  • (1) 2.5lbs Solid Base
  • (1) Val-lex Ornemental Eagle Topper 

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