Tips for Displaying the US Flag at Your Business

Flag Day and the Fourth of July are getting closer, making it a good time for your business to get a US flag ready for display. However, knowing the proper rules and conventions for hanging your flag is important. Read below for several tips for displaying the US flag at your business.  

Know When To Display the Flag

The Federal Flag Code outlines the rules for displaying the US flag, including when to hang it. For example, the guidelines indicate you should only display the flag from sunrise to sunset, but you can keep it up longer if you illuminate it during nighttime.

In addition, you should not display the flag during harsh weather when it may experience damage, including during rain, snow, or windstorms. However, you can if the product is an all-weather flag.

Put the US Flag at the Top

Another tip for displaying the US flag at your business is that it needs to be at the top of the flagpole if you hang it with other flags. For example, if you are hanging your state, organizational, and city flag from the same pole, the US flag must be above the rest.

Show Respect When Raising or Lowering the Flag

It is also very important for you and your employees to show respect when raising or lowering the flag. The Flag Code advises those facing the flag to put their right hand over their hearts. They should also take off any hat they are wearing and put them in their right hands against their left shoulders.

Make Sure the Flag Is in Good Condition

Before raising the flag on your business’s flagpole, ensure it is in good condition. If it has tatters or appears worn, you shouldn’t display it. You can take it to several places for proper retirement, including local fire departments or Veterans of Foreign Wars locations.

If you are looking for flags and flagpoles for sale so your business can display the US flag, contact Liberty Flagpoles. We are a veteran-family-owned company that has helped businesses fly flags and show their patriotism since 2012. We can give you a beautiful display that will last you well into the future.

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